Contact Lenses


There are different types of contact lenses for you to choose from to fit your needs. Certain brands of lenses are available only in specific modalities. Your doctor will help fit you with the type of lens that works for your prescription and curvature of your eye. Some eyes are so special that they can wear only one type of lens! Talk to your doctor about what type of lens works best for your lifestyle.

  • Soft, Disposable lenses– these are available in Daily, 2-week, or Monthly wear lenses. It is important to stick to the wearing schedule suggested by the manufacturer and to not over wear lenses. Otherwise, you might end up back in our office! Never wear your lenses while swimming or showering, and always wash your hands before inserting and removing lenses. * Only certain lenses are approved for overnight sleep wear- talk to your doctor if you sleep in your lenses.
  • RGP– or “Gas Perm” or “Hard” contact lenses- Some people can only wear this type of lens. They typically last a year or longer, but you need to come back every year for your annual exam to be sure that no changes are necessary to keep your eyes healthy and bright!
  • CRT- or “Othokeratology” lenses- These are a special type of lens designed to be slept in overnight to correct nearsightedness (myopia). With consistent wear, patients can see during the daytime with no glasses or contacts! This is a great option for the athlete or people who do not want to wear glasses or contacts during the daytime. Talk to your doctor to see if you’re a candidate for CRT. Click on the CRT link to watch a video about how this technology works.

If you have never worn contact lenses, visit our New To Contact Lenses page and watch a brief video on how to insert and remove contacts.

Insurance and Contact Lenses:

  • Your insurance may cover your regular eye exam and refraction (the part where the doctor determines what your prescription is), but you will also pay a fee to be fit with contact lenses. That fee is determined by the type of contacts you may need and you insurance may or may not provide a discount for that fitting fee.
  • Insurance benefits may be applied to either your contact lenses or eyeglass lenses, but not both. We’ll help you calculate where your best savings are and how to maximize your benefits so that you can afford both contacts and stylish new glasses!
  • You will need to visit your doctor every year for an updated prescription even if there is no change to your vision. Contact Prescriptions are only good for 1 year, eyeglass prescriptions are good for 2 years in the State of Ohio.

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