CRT Orthokeratology


Tired of the hassles and discomfort of daytime contacts or glasses, or you’re unsure of eye surgery? CRT® Brand Contact Lenses may be a perfect option to correct your nearsightedness — while you sleep! That’s right, no contacts or glasses during the daytime, just clear vision.

Sometimes called “Corneal Shaping” or  “Corneal Molding”, this technology allows patients with Myopia (nearsightedness) to wear a comfortable, safe lens while sleeping, and awake to remove them and see clearly with NO glasses or contacts during the day. Often the effects are immediate, and all without surgery! This alternative to Lasik is wonderful for patients who are active athletes, students, or adults who do not wish to wear glasses pr contacts during the daytime. Dr. Laura Fiorenza utilizes the WAVE technology for the most comfortable and custom designed lenses made just for your eyes. Talk to her today about this alternative!

– FDA approved
– No age restrictions
– Safe, effective and completely reversible


Dr. Laura Fiorenza fits the WAVE Contact Lens for a perfect fit, custom designed for your eyes. With this state of the art technology, Dr. Fiorenza can custom design lenses for each eye, ensuring you the best vision and most comfortable fit. Check out this video that explains the WAVE lens:



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