New to Contact Lenses

Are you new to Contact Lenses? The latest technology has made contacts easier to wear and comfortable all day long. Even if you have astigmatism or “Over 40 Eyes” there’s a contact lens for you! After your eye exam, your doctor will fit you with a contact lens that fits you and your lifestyle specifically. You will learn how to insert and remove the lenses while you’re in our office. Once you have demonstrated that you can put them in and take them out, you will leave with a supply of contacts that will last 1-2 weeks. Your doctor may ask for you to come back in to check the health of your cornea after this trial period, or may just follow up by phone. Then your prescription is released and you can order your year supply of contacts!

Most contact today are “soft” contacts that you throw away at then end of their life. Contacts are either meant to last one day, two weeks, or one month.

  • “Dailies” are the best option because you are putting fresh lenses in your eyes each day and discarding them each night—no disinfecting and cleaning solutions to soak them in every night.
  • 2 week and Monthly lenses require a consistent routine of nightly cleaning and careful storage, and for this we recommend Clear Care and Opti-Fresh disinfecting solution.

Do not over wear your lenses! Lenses are created to last a certain period of time once the package is open, so whether or not you wear them every day, a monthly lens must be discarded after it has been out of the package for one month. Don’t risk your eye health through over-wear, it just isn’t worth it!

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