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Kim Bowling, LDO, is a highly experienced Dual Licensed and Certified Optician. Her knowledge of lenses is outstanding. She has over 20 years of experience in the Optical field. Dr. Fiorenza and Kim work closely to design the perfect recommendation for your eyewear that will having you seeing better than ever! The proper lens for your beautiful new frame is critical to superior vision, that’s why we offer the finest lenses available.

Lenses are made of many different materials and come with various coatings and treatments. It can be somewhat confusing, so here’s some information to bring clarity to the subject:

Lens Materials & Treatments:

Glass used to be the only option for lenses, but for obvious safety reasons, it is rarely used these days. High quality plastics are now the standard, and at Montgomery Vision Care we prefer Trivex/ Hoya Phoenix lenses for tensile strength and superior vision. This lens is also recommended for children or active adults who want the protection of an impact resistant lens.

If your prescription is high, we may recommend a High Index 1.67 or 1.74 lens to create a thinner, lighter lens.

We recommend Anti-Reflective, or “non-glare” treatment for all lenses. This treatment allows more light into the eye for improved visual clarity, reduced eye fatigue, reduced reflections, and better color clarity. Anti-Reflective coatings also provide another layer of scratch protection and come with a warranty. These coatings are usually “hydrophobic” (repels water) and “oleophobic” (repels oils and dirt). Depending on your needs and insurance coverage, we may use Hoya Super Hi Vision EX 3 anti-reflective, Crizal Alize or  Avance anti-reflective, or VSP Unity Plus anti-reflective.

Transitions, or “photochromic” lenses darken when you step outside. These lenses are activated by UV light, and are a comfort lens for those people moving between indoors and outdoors frequently through out the day. The technology is improved from the past, and these lenses can be totally clear while inside, and darken quickly when stepping outside. There is now a new Transitions Vantage lens which actually becomes a Polarized lens when activated for outstanding vision in bright sunlight.


Lens Styles:

Single Vision lenses are for the patient who needs only one type of correction for nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. “Readers” for near work are also single vision lenses. There is one focal length in the lens creating improved vision at distance or at near.

Multifocal lenses come in a handful of different styles and help treat “Over 40 eyes” or Presbyopia. The most popular are Progressive lenses which allow for the patient to see clearly in the distance, at the computer and while reading small text– all with no lines in the lens!  There are three different prescriptions in one lens. No one will know you are wearing progressives! This style of lens comes in many different brands, and our Optician will ensure that you choose the perfect fit for your lifestyle. The new digital lenses are easier to adapt to than progressives in the past, and provide a comfortable transition between the different areas of the lens with little to no edge blur. A Bifocal lens corrects your vision with a two part lens with a visible line dividing the segments. The top part of the lens is for your distance vision, and the lower part is for the near vision. The only drawback to the Bifocal lens is that there is no area for the intermediate vision, or computer distance. Trifocal lenses work just like a Progressive, however the lines dividing the three different focal distance are clearly visible. Some patients find the lines distracting, while others prefer the clarity the segmented ares of the lens provides.

Buying your glasses online:

Only an experienced, Licensed & Certified Optician such as Kim Bowling, LDO, can properly fit each patient with the optimal lens in the best material in a proper fitting frame. An Optician takes customized measurements and makes visual observations about your posture, fit and lifestyle that allow her to determine your specific needs. The Optician works closely with local area labs to create a customized, high quality lens for you. She also does a complete quality check on the eyeglasses once they have been received, to ensure they are perfect before you walk out the door with them.  This is why we do not recommend buying you glasses online– you just don’t know what you’re getting, and your vision is too important to gamble with!

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