Montgomery Vision Care has Hot New Face à Face styles for a New Year

We have some of the hottest new styles for 2016 from Face à Face at Montgomery Vision Care right now. These designs are inspired by Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design. The frames are fun and funky, in a variety of colors and textures that are sure to delight.

Women’s frames include styles from the Bocca and Royal Stewart collections. Bocca is a fun, sexy, retro-inspired line that includes styles like “Sexy”, “City”, “Sixties”, “Rock”, “Lova”, “Tatoo”, and “Star”. The Sunglasses are bold and architectural, gorgeous colors and striking shapes that will make you feel like a red-carpet star! If you see a style on the Face à Face website that you just have to have, let Kim or Heidi know and they can order it for you!

Face à Face frames are developed within the design studio directed by Pascal Jaulent resembling small subtle pieces of architecture, playing with volumes, shapes, material and textures.

The frames express themselves through a unique color range which is a true FACE A FACE trademark.

FACE A FACE eyewear will reveal your individual personality and underline the boldness, the  modernity, the seduction of an independent, creative object of design.       – Face a Face website


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