WOOW Eyewear

Transport yourself back to the future with these fun and funky frames! Inspired by the 1960’s London fashion and Pop Art scene, these frames are sure to delight! But wait, there’s MORE!

Take a peek at the temple tips when you’re in need of a bit of inspiration or a quick pick me up- there’s a message waiting there for you!

WOOW eyewear at Montgoemry Vision Care

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Lindberg n.o.w.

The super clean and modern lines of Lindberg are featured in the n.o.w. line. In true Lindberg style, these frames are totally customizable and super sleek and lightweight. The composite frame fronts have a pop of color.

Lindberg eyewear tells the world you subscribe to a different way of thinking, and have a connoisseur’s appreciation of exceptional design and high-quality materials. Every frame is a statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship.

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