Consider these Travel Tips this Holiday Season

Tips for Holiday travelers:

  • Always take a copy of your eyeglass, contact lens and eye medication prescription with you for an emergency refill.
  • Pack a travel size contact lens solution bottle (3 oz)- Do not transfer solution to a smaller bottle- you could contaminate the sterile solution. Larger bottles of solution may be allowed in checked baggage- check with your airline carrier.
  • Many viruses are transmitted through hand-to-eye contact. Wash your hands frequently and always wash your hands before handling contact lenses.
  • Airplanes and hotels are dry environments- be sure to pack some re-wetting drops. I love Systane drops for long airplane rides or cold, dry environments and outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, skating.
  • Pack extra contact lenses and backup eyeglasses in case you tear or lose a lens. Keep all contact supplies in your carry-on in case your luggage is lost or you’re delayed. It happens!
  • Consider switching to daily wear contacts like the Acuvue TRUE Eye© or 1 Day Moist© brands, or the Proclear© brand from Cooper.
  • If traveling overseas, never use tap water to clean lenses, and avoid getting it in your eyes. It can carry bacteria that can create infections in your eyes.
  • Be mindful of using hand sanitizer- touching your finger to your eye after doing so will ensure you never do THAT again!
  • Even if you do not wear contacts or glasses, you may experience some dry eye while traveling- lack of adequate sleep, too much alcohol, pets, and environmental exposure to pollutants can all irritate your eyes. Pack some Systane eye drops for comfort!
  • Eye Makeup– be sure to insert your contacts after applying eye make-up, and replace makeup frequently- no year old mascara, thank you very much!
  • Pack an eye mask for restful sleep in challenging environments, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated!

Tips for Holiday hosts:

  • Next to the fancy soap and freshly washed towels in your guest room, provide a contact lens care kit for your friends and family- disposable contact lens cases, solution such Opti-Free or Bio-True are great for soft contacts. Bausch & Lomb’s Boston disinfecting solution is best for RGPs or “hard” contact lenses. I can’t tell you how many times an unexpected guest was grateful to have these items they didn’t pack with them!
  • Scents, candles, pets, live Christmas trees, fireplaces, smoke- these are all things that can irritate someone with allergies or sensitivities. Be sure to have some sterile saline solution and moisturizing eye drops on hand for guests who may not have come prepared.
  • Provide your guests with a bottle of water and an eye mask on the night stand- sure makes them feel like they’re getting the royal treatment!
  • If you’re taking your guests outdoors, be sure to remind them to pack protective eyewear– sunglasses, ski/ swim goggles, etc. or have extras on hand for the forgetful traveler, or someone not familiar with the environment.

Travel tips for Healthy Eyes can ensure you enjoy the holidays!

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